The Gratitude has been inspired by many recent events in my life, but most especially by the people I’ve been so fortunate to cross paths with.

Their unconditional friendship, love and support have been an ongoing source of strength for me, especially during some of the low moments.

Having to experience this has been life changing and has propelled me to create The Gratitude Collection, From the Heart.

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Gratitude, From the Heart

My intention for you, when wearing Gratitude is to remember the love & appreciation we hold not only for ourselves, but also others.

I’m so happy The Gratitude is here! It is still surreal to see my vision come to life and be able to share this with you!

Love it. Wear it. Share it

With the ones you are most grateful for! Let The Gratitude be a reminder of the goodness that lies not only within you, but also outside of yourself, when you experience it through others.

Create Memories & Tell Your Story

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“When we focus on our gratitude,
the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.”
– Kristin Armstrong