Italian Craftsmanship

Each piece of jewelry from IDALIA BAUDO is meticulosity made by an Italian family of jewelry craftsmen in a workshop in Italy. There is something to say about the pride these guys have, and Idalia completely gets it! Without their brilliance of valuable knowledge of the trade that has been passed down from generation to generation, IB Jewelry wouldn’t be the same.

Think of IB Jewelry being made the old way but designed the new way.


IDALIA BAUDO Jewelry is hand-crafted in Italy with our signature woven threads. Each is a combination of hypoallergenic silver or gold threads that are tarnish free and coated with the latest anti-tarnish technology.

Ciao from Italy!

Materials & Care

Sterling Silver

.925 Sterling, the foundation metal of all IDALIA BAUDO Jewelry. The base of sterling silver is then plated with rhodium, another type of precious metal, making it a shiny silver.

Let’s be honest, Sterling doesn’t like water very much. It will put up with it for a little bit, but overtime, it will oxidize, so try to avoid H2O while wearing. However, your body was made to wear jewelry because the oils in your skin help prevent it from oxidizing, so wear often, it’s good!

Gold Vermeil

Gold “Ver-May” is what makes IB pieces last forever. It’s super thick layer over the base of sterling silver, creating a long lasting piece. To be considered gold vermeil, it must have at least 10k gold and 1.5 microns. IDALIA BAUDO Jewelry uses 21k gold.

Water, sweat, perfume, you name it pretty much anything that is wet doesn’t get along with gold vermeil. To prevent any unexpected surprises, remove your jewelry before you encounter any form of H20.

womens jewelry small round hoop sterling silver earrings gold vermeil


It’s easy! Store your jewelry in the IB suede pouch it comes with. This will help prevent scratches & preserve plating/discoloring, while it’s kept in that special spot in your jewelry box.

And there is no need for jewelry cleaners, just use a dry cloth to clean it.


The terms to make you smile –

Warranties: Six months warranty on the jewelry relating to manufacturers defects. IB is not liable if care instructions are not followed. Repairs: Please contact us at and we will determine the best solution by either offering a replacement piece or a repair.